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Aloe Serum

Aloe vera extract is a great anti-bacterial concoction for use in your garden. 1 kilo fresh aloe plant 1 liter molasses 7 days stored in a day cool area after cutting and mixing with molasses. This is a good immune boosting concoction to supplement with OHN 2 tsp to 1 liter water good for plants and animals.

Moringa Concoction general animal and plant nutrient booster

Moringa (Malunggay) Extract This is a great ... For your garden/soil/plants. 1 kilo of finely shredded moringa leaves 1 liter molasses 7 days stored dark area after thorough mixing Basically this is another great nutritional supplementation for plants and animals.
Same ratio as before 2 tsp to 1 liter of water.

Fermented Fruit Juice

Fermented Fruit Juice (FFJ) can be utilized to add taste to animal feeds and phosphorous in plants. 1 kilo watermelon 1 kilo banana 1 kilo papaya 3 liter molasses chop finely mix and keep in container for 7 day after thoroughly stirring.

The longest road (part 6)

Hybrid Agricultural EmpowermentOctober 2, 2016 ·  The longest road (part 6)
The future of Hybrid in the Philippines.

I have had a lot of time to think of what I want to do and where I want to take this and how I want to do this .
Hybrid will continue in the Philippines it will be in one of two ways .
Regardless as a functioning member of the Higaonon tribe I will not abandon my family there.
But also I feel that with certain opportunites abound I can take hybrid to a whole other level via working on another side of the planet as of now I am very conflicted.
I have an offer to work in Central America for 90 days to help them build and enrich communities there as an offshoot of what I have started here. Now after those 90 days I would return here and continue where I left off in the Philippines should I decide to take that offer.
There are a lot of facors in making this decision I must consider as I have contacts and people that need me here.
Or reversely I decline the offer and hold firm on t…

The longest road (part 5)

Hybrid Agricultural EmpowermentAugust 14, 2016 · 

Where to begin?
I wake up to sights like this daily there's no power or running water except from the mountain spring
My farmers are equipped and ready for war the fields are cleared and being plotted and readied for planting .
Creating industry and breaking trend is the name of the game.
The business I am in is equal parts painstaking labor and a keen ability to deal with the people it is something that cannot be taught .
It is not for the faint of heart nor does it tolerate indecisiveness. They are standing up their industries and with that team#hybridis also talking of earth based housing and changing the precedent set forth already.
To change paradigm we must change all that encompasses and enables the current state of affairs on our mountain. I have seen things I cannot unsee and don't wish to .
#hybridthemovieis in full swing.
Filming and telling the stories of the people and showing the change.
You guys are in for a treat I'd…

The longest road (part 4)

Hybrid Agricultural EmpowermentMay 30, 2016 · 

The longest road (part 4) Fifteen decided to join the ranks of our cooperative today on the opening day of brigada eskwela bringing our numbers to forty still all women except me .
Seven hectares will be planted and I will ensure that my star farmer Jenelyn is ready to lead the cooperative to success.
The most satisfying things I can say to myself that when this is said and done that I ended childhood hunger in my area and if I can make it cool to be a farmer again that is the highest honor to me.
This work is not easy by any means it is long and tiresome and I am tired and dirty (I work the field with them.)
They will succeed I will see to it this is only the beginning .
I have never had an idea of purpose in my life until I did this . The fields will be clear and nurserys set ready to be planted by the senior high school students it will ensure they can learn on a full stomach.
Empowerment is the name of the game and I have forty women who ar…

The Longest Road (Part 3)

The Longest Road (Part 3)

With this rotation to the field comes progress and the beginnings of change to a more sustainable way of living.
I have seen my children at the school have gotten their garden to grow with very little water and they are learning the enterprising side and seeing that agriculture can be profitable.
I am in full fledged filming mode for Hybrid the movie and could not be happier with what I am seeing.
I have taken a dive into the local subanon culture and I have been fortunate enough to see some of the rituals associated with harvest and bounty.
I was fortunate enough to see the subanon post harvest ritual of rice threshing with the bare feet called "Giok" it is almost like a dance where the rice is stripped from the hull by the bare feet it is pretty intense to watch.
Then to see this ritual as I video taped it and it being passed on to the children it is most assuredly a dying art .
I had sat in with the the tribal elders and some of the teachers during a …

The longest road (Part 2)

My five young farmers came and did I simply put do not have the words these young adults are the future.
These are the people that will be the movers and enforcers of change.
Once the community sees it's own adopting sustainable practices and seeing it successfully work more will follow.
I could not be more proud of them .
After the planting ended I told my habal habal driver that I would be walking back to town with my young friends in anticipation of doing this I starved myself .
I feel for my advocacy to have real depth and credibility I feel I must put myself in the shoes of those I talk for. I had been on this mountain many times but this time I felt as though I was in a totally different world.
I was lightheaded my legs felt like jelly now add walking about a mile uphill on a very very steep incline and a little over two miles after that.
This only strengthens my resolve to stop this I can assure anyone reading this I WILL NOT STOP until those children have the sustainable food so…

The Longest Road (Part 1).......Reflections from my time in the mountains (My journey)

The Longest Road.......Reflections from my time in the mountains

Through my time in the mountains with my Subanon friends I have better come to understand their plight and view of the world as they see it as a whole.
I have not accepted any special treatment I do not belong to any NGO (non government organization) I am not a missionary nor do I tender any kind of payment for this.
I am one and I have set out to empower those that wish to use the knowledge I will give them to their benefit .
I came to Guingona first in September and was due to return before that but due to circumstances beyond my control that was not meant to be.
I returned 17 days ago and in that time I have conducted Multiple trainings on basic composting, organic concoctions, and various other organic teaching AS WELL AS teaching english and math to the school children when time permitted.
Also I have seen through that the feeding areas for the children are planted while at the same time branching off to my next assignm…

Wood Vinegar All in one DIY organic fertilizer The comprehensive HOW TO WITH VIDEOS.

Wood Vinegar .

What it is : Wood vinegar is a byproduct from charcoal production. It is a liquid generated from the gas and combustion of fresh wood burning in airless condition. When the gas is cooled, it condenses into liquid. Raw wood vinegar has more than 200 chemicals, such as acetic acid, formaldehyde, ethyl-valerate, methanol, tar, etc. Wood vinegar improves soil quality, eliminates pests and controls plant growth, but is slightly toxic to fish and very toxic to plants if too much is applied. It accelerates the growth of roots, stems, tubers, leaves, flowers, and fruit. In certain cases, it may hold back plant growth if the wood vinegar is applied at different volumes. A study shows that after applying wood vinegar in an orchard, fruit trees produce increased amounts of fruit. Wood vinegar is safe to living matters in the food chain, especially, insects that help pollinate plants.

This is an example for larger scale production :  Wood vinegar is made from burning fresh wood in…

Calcium Phosphate

CalPhos (Calcium Phosphate)

This is a very durable calcium supplement that CAN be used with both plants and animals. What you need: 3 kg Cow bones
27 Liters of pure coconut vinegar Fermentation length: 30 days Fermentation steps. 1. Clean and wash cow bones properly.
2. Cook the bones with some flesh and add spices
3. Remove all met and fats and marrow thoroughly (you can eat those)
4. Wash and clean the bones.
5. Put the bones above fired charcoal
6. Wait until the remaining fats are drained
7. Remove the bones when they are brownish in color (do not blacken that means they're overcooked.)
8. Cool it off for 10 - 20 minutes.
9. Wash again to remove excess oil if needed.
10. Drain excess water.
11. Put the bones inside a plastic pail.
12. Add 27 liters of pure coconut vinegar without coloring.
13.Wipe mouth of plastic pail , Cover with two layered manila paper and mark time , name and date
14. Open the container after 30 days of soaking filter the liquid and keep it in another plastic containe…

Vermitea DIY super fertilizer

Tea time (Vermitea)

Now that I haven given an idea how to stand up your own vermicast pit.
You may be wondering what can I do with the resulting vermicast that you will have produced .
Well you guys are in luck because today we will talk about that !
Other than using the vermicast to mix with soil or make hummus or anything like that we can create a very potent FOLIAR fertilizer.
The process behind it is quite simple as the aeration of the water catalyzes the reaction between the micro organisms, sugars , and the vermicast itself. Vermitea creation is a process that can be as simple or expensive as you want it to be to produce given the type of operation you have and what your desired outcome is.
I HIGHLY RECCOMEND using an aquarium aerator motor for those wishing to do this the simplest and most cost effective way.
The other picture is merely demonstrating the more sophisticated technology of the creation process. Today I will discuss the simplest "common sense farming " w…

May the fields be fertile . ( Part 1 ) DIY FERTILIZER

May the fields be fertile . ( Part 1 )

Quick and easy way to make good fertilizer for those of my followers that are grow crop people. What you'll need. 50 kg Rice bran
50 kg Manure (cow, carabao ,goat, chicken, so on .)
50 kg Vermicast
50 kg Humus/Garden soil
12.5 kg Carbonized rice hull
What to do 1. Mix 50 kg rice bran and spray with 14.5 liters of water mixed with 250 ml of IMO and cover for 3 days. 2. After the 3 days have elapsed open add 50 kg of manure and mix thoroughly , spray with 500 ml FAA mixed with 14.5 liters water then spray then cover for 3 days. 3. After 3 days open your mixture add 50 kg humus/garden soil
then spray with 200 ml FAA + 200 ml FFJ + 100 ml CalPhos + 14.5 liters water cover for 3 days (notice a reoccuring number here ?) 4. After 3 days yet again open and spray with 250 ml FAA + 250 ml FFJ + 15 liters water do this for 5 consecutive days DO NOT MIX then cover it. 5. On the sixth day add 50 kg vermicast + 12.5 kg …

Fish Amino Acids Nitrogen/Calcium Supplement DIY with video

FAA (Fish Amino Acid)

Fish Amino Acids Supply a lot of crucial amino acid complexes as well as supplement calcium.
This concoction CAN be used with both plants and animals. How to apply : For animals
Mix in a dosage of 2 tsp per 1 liter of clean water also it can be mixed with feeds at the same frequency recommended usage twice a week. For plants
Prepare same dosage 2 tsp FAA to 1 liter clean water and spray to the plants at the base of the plant also recommended dosage 1 -2 times a week. FOR SEVERE CASES ON EITHER PLANT OR ANIMAL DOUBLE THE DOSAGE. What you need : 1 kilo trash fish gills, scales, offals
1 kilo molasses or muscavado 1. Clean and wash fish then drain for 5 minutes. 2.Slice fish to an inch size 3.Mix all parts thoroughly in a plastic pail. 4.Mix with 1 kilo of molasses/muscavado thoroughly 5.Put nylon screen ontop of the mixture 6.Put 5-8 pieces 25-50 grams stone ontop of nylon screen . 7. Wipe the mouth of the plastic pale. 8.Cover with two layered manila paper 9. Tie wit…

FPJ (Fermented Plant Juice) with video.

FPJ (Fermented Plant Juice)

It can be used on both plants and animals as an organic growth enhancer.
My version ferments in 7 days
What I use.
1 kilo Kang Kong
1 kilo Camote tops 
1 kilo Banana trunk
1.5 kilo Molasses or Muscavado
You want to chop your vegetables fine mix them in with your Molasses or Muscavado seal and be sure to mark dates and times so you do not forget store in a dark place seal well but not airtight.
Add 2 tsp FPJ to 1 liter of H2O
As seed treatment before sowing – soak the seeds in 0.2 % solution for 4 to 5 hours to facilitate germination and as a start-up solution to germinating seeds.
As a natural growth enhancer – Fermented Plant Juice made from actively growing plant parts and fast growing plants may contain natural growth hormones and mineralized nitrogen that promotes plant growth. Mix 2 teaspoons of Fermented Plant Juice per liter of water and spray on the leaves or apply directly to the soil around the plants from seedling stage up to pre-flowering stage.…

Oriental Herbal Nutrients IMMUNE BOOSTER/ ORGANIC PESTICIDE with video


OHN (Oriental Herbal Nutrients)
In organic farming we shy away from using non natural immunizations as much as can be done.
This concoction CAN be used on PLANTS and ANIMALS.
OHN serves both as an immunity booster and here is how it is made.
1 kilo garlic 1 kilo ginger 400 grams muscavado/molasses/ brown sugar
2.2 liters pure coconut vinegar
first peel,skin, and clean then cut garlic and ginger mix with whichever sugar you have and ferment for 3 days unaerobic condition.
After that add 2.2 liters coco vinegar ferment 10 days still unaerobic.
FURTHER INPUT to modify OHN to OHN 2 which is a powerful ORGANIC insecticide add 100 g sili and 100 g Makabuhay ferment for ten extra days.

The ultimate decomposer and soil aid IMO 1-5 with video.

Indigenous Micro Organisms LEVELED UP

THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ARTICLE FOR MY CROP FARMERS !!!! A lot of power for minimum money spent this is designed for those who practice korean style or need to keep their farm going while they upgrade to Wood Vinegar. IMO 1-2 (Indigenous Micro Organisms)

1 kilo rice to 1 kilo sugar The ultimate aid of the organic crop grower.
To control the micro organisms in the soil is to have a huge advantage in your favor of your crops growing proper.
You put rice into a sealed container for 3-5 days remove black and green mold upon mixing with molasses , muscavado , or brown sugar .
Then leave sit for 3-4 more days. Soil has 3 kinds of micro organisms good, bad , and neutral .
The neutral micro organisms are usually the largest number and will follow suit of the prevailing number of either good or bad micro organisms.
There is so much micro organisms can do in terms of environmental rehab and supporting the well being of the soil the benefits are too nume…

FEED your knowledge............(Part 2)

FEED your knowledge............(Part 2)

To continue where we left off we covered the VERY BASICS of feed formulation, what you can use , and the very basic math behind this.
What if I told you that you could cut 1/3 of your cost on feeds based on things you more than likely have in your back yard or nearby.
Before you make Silage you should wash your vegetables to ensure that there are no possible chemical residues.
this is the process I was taught.
Wash your vegetables thoroughly in water.
Then soak in a large tub add 500g salt for 5- 10 minutes.
Drain and WASH THOROUGHLY then chop. Silage is a great way to add variety to your food and cut cost.
to make this we would use . 1 1/2 kilo Kang Kong
1 1/2 kilo Banana Trunk
3 kilos added together 1 kilo molasses or muscavado Chop then add sugar then mix liberally EASY AS THAT. Now you have a way to cut 30% of th…

FEED your knowledge........ (part 1)

FEED your knowledge........ (part 1)

Today we are going to talk feeds this is CRUCIAL in agriculture.
We will discuss the proportions and fractions (there is a little math behind this don't worry it's painless.)
I will also discuss getting the most out of what you have available to you in your area.
So let's get into it shall we ? Why make my own feeds ?
Well consider this the essence of being organic is to NOT ONLY harness what nature has given you but to also mitigate waste as much as you can and limit any resource or capital intensive inputs. What to use ?
For proteins I have used the following successfully. Trash fish
Soya meal
Fish meal (for those using dried grinded fish I'd reccomend not using salt later on as the fish meal would more than likely have salt in place already.) For carbohydrate input I have used.
Rice bran
Corn bran For lipids I have used.
Copra meal For minerals I have used.
Carbonized rice hull For vitamins I have used . FAA (Fish Amino Acids) (Calcium…